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"We had one of the oldest electrician companies in WNC install our system from parts we had purchased. They wired the solar to the house and only gave us two circuits for the whole house. This work was very expensive and incomplete.  Scott quickly assessed our system and gave us a written estimate. He calculated our home wattage use then re-wired the house. Now the off the grid system works flawlessly. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Scott. He was very professional and careful to explain the retrofit process he used to provide us with a high quality system. We have and will continue to recommend Scott to all our friends or anyone considering an off the grid system."

--Terry & Kathleen Tallos - Auburn Sky Farm - NC
8.28K Off-Grid System in NC
This one was interesting.  A very highly skilled grid-tie solar installation team did a beautiful job of installing the system all the way up to the output.  Since they had no off-grid experience, they could only power a light and a small fan. They charged $13,500 in labor for a job that should have only cost about $4,000 to install.  I installed our signature transfer switch, re-wired the output from the inverter properly, and he is running his whole house on the system now with power to spare!  Currently he is cycling at 10% so he gets charged 365 days a year!  As he found out good design is everything!  -- Scott