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The Next Evolution of Inverters
Samlex is leading the way in high performance inverters for the Off-Grid market.  Their PST pure sine inverters are rugged and designed to handle the abuse of extended periods of continuous use. Now they are leading the way in pure sine inverter chargers with their EVO series of inverters.  Most inverters in the industry force you to choose manually what percent of the power goes to charging, and what percent goes to run your house.  With the EVO series, you no longer have to choose between charging your batteries while sitting in the dark, or running your house but getting no charging, the EVO automatically adjusts the power giving priority to the house.  This is the best technological development to come along in many years.  Don't just write it off as just another inverter.  It is the most complete Off-Grid inverter on the market today.  Samlex is the leader in so many areas that it would be wise to really take a good look.  You'll love what you see.  Their inverters are so good, and so complete, that it is the only inverter line that we carry.  They have it all, and now you can too!