As most of you already know or are finding out, the solar industry is huge. Trying to figure out what to buy from the hundreds of solar manufacturers can get very complex. At My Homestead Marketplace we are trying to keep things simple. Here is our philosophy:

First, we understand that there are two basic types of customers, those who desire the best quality, and those who desire quality but have to buy based on cost. Therefore, we carry both types of products.

We believe that most products built in China are still not high quality, so our top end products are made in the USA, Germany, or Japan.

After much research, we have found MidNite Solar to be the most innovative, technologically superior, and made to the highest quality specs, right here in the USA. And the people? Well, they are just plain great people with tremendous experience, expertise, and passion for the industry. So if quality is your concern, any MidNite Solar product is your answer. We are proud to promote MidNite Solar products, as well as Samlex, Kyocera, and Trojan, to name a few.

For those of you who are concerned with cost, you will find many low cost items just for you. We try to only carry respectable brands in our low cost inventory. In short, no junk products are allowed on our site.
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