Solar Kit
Introducing the M360-12 Solar Kit from My Homestead Marketplace!  If you want solar, but can't afford to pay
someone to install it, this kit is for you!  Simple, clear
instructions, along with "ClickKit" together installation, make this your best friend. Anyone can install it!  Designed with performance and safety in mind, you can enjoy the sun without the worry.  Comes with a FullRiver DC215-12 AGM battery, and a Samlex 450 Watt Modified Sine Inverter!  Designed to run lights, computer, radio, and TV.  Length of run time depends on your personal electrical usage patterns.  Panels come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty, and a 2 year warranty on the rest of the components.  Kit your way to solar,  you'll be glad you did! FREE SHIPPING!
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M360-12 Solar Kit With Battery
Providing All Your Homestead Needs
*Voltage and amps are shown as combined parallel string.