Food can be an almost overwhelming part of running a homestead. Growing a garden, an orchard, and a berry patch is bad enough, but then you have to preserve and store your food. Maybe you just don’t have time to grow your own food and simply wish to store it for now. Either way, We’re ready to help!

There are many, many different products that are needed to help you with your food plan, but many of these can be purchased locally, so we concentrate on those products that are important, but may be difficult to buy locally. The important thing to realize when putting up food is to make sure that it is properly protected when you put it up. Since everyone’s needs are unique, feel free to browse and figure out what you need. If you need help with your food plan, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

One word of advice, only grow, preserve, or buy what you actually will eat, and make sure to rotate your food so that it doesn’t go bad. When we first started, we put up lots of food in storage, only to learn the hard way that even stored food eventually goes bad. If you do stock food, eat it regularly and re-stock. The best food plan we know is to stock your food, then use the stored food as your “supermarket”, and purchase food to restock your pantry. You will not have to worry about significant food spoilage if you rotate it in this manner.
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