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The Dietz #2500 Jupiter lantern uses the standard #850 D-Lite globe and is the largest lantern made by Dietz.  It comes with a massive 84 fl. oz. capacity, which allows it to burn for 75 hours!  The globe is clear, and the lantern comes in two colors, blue and black. With a 7/8" wick, it averages 12 candle power with some claims to go as high as 18.  Unlike other stores, we have added an extra wick at no charge!  At an average hourly cost of about 6 cents, it is cheaper to run than many electric lights, and if you burn synthetic kerosene there is virtually no odor. Used indoors or outdoors, it can easily be carried anywhere.  If you need a serious lantern, this is it!
#2500 Jupiter
* FREE extra wick with each Lantern Purchased!
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