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My Homestead Marketplace is proud to announce the ultimate in next generation Solar Kits! Now more than ever you can have the big solar system you've always wanted!  The EXP Series of ClickKit solar kits come in stages.  When you purchase the first stage, the solar system is fully functional.  When you purchase each additional stage, you can "ClickKit" together into the preceeding stages, and expand your power!  My Homestead Marketplace is the ONLY solar company in the nation that not only has off-grid "ClickKit" together technology, but now it can be done in stages as well.  This is unheard of in the industry, and we are the first to do it! It doesn’t get any easier than this! No electrical or solar experience is necessary, and the system is entirely safe. Our kits also come with AGM batteries so there are no battery maintenance or safety issues. Great for RV’s and Cabins. With our add-on generator charging kits, you can easily add generator charging to your kits as well. Our expandable kit allows you to build your larger system in stages without breaking the bank. The future has arrived, and only My Homestead Marketplace has it!  Experience the precision and performance of the future today!