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"We had one of the oldest electrician companies in WNC install our system from parts we had purchased. They wired the solar to the house and only gave us two circuits for the whole house..."
As most of you already know, or are already finding out, the solar industry is huge. Trying to figure out what to buy from the hundreds of solar manufacturers can get very complex. At My Homestead Marketplace we are trying to keep things simple.

Here’s the My Homestead Marketplace Advantage:

1) We are the only solar company in the nation in which every single part for sale on our website is fully compatible with every other product. This means that you can purchase ANYTHING on the website, and it will be technically compatible with EVERY other product on the entire website. Now you can buy with confidence the part that you need without the worry of it not working with what you already have.

2)Our solar kits are the best in the nation. Our kits use only the highest quality parts, and the best part is that you can simply “ClickKit” together! We handle all the rest. We are the ONLY Company in the entire nation that has expandable, click together, battery based, off-grid kits. Watch our video to see what all the fuss is about.

3)We are 100% off-grid solar, so unlike the grid-tie companies, we are experts at battery based solar. It’s all we do. We work closely with Samlex America doing field testing and consulting to improve their product design. We are one of the very few off-grid companies they trust to do this. You can be assured that we can give you some of the finest design and consulting in the off-grid solar industry for residential homesteads.

4)If you have an RV, we can provide you with more power than virtually any other solar system on the market. Most solar kits for RV’s only have about 360 watts. We can provide up to 2.4K of real power. There is nothing that you want solar to do for your RV that we can’t design, provide, and install.

So if you want quality design, parts, and performance, call us. We’ll be happy to help. Check out the rest of our website, you’ll be glad you did!

The My Homestead Marketplace Advantage!
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